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Major Wireless Network Performance Improvements with Wi-Fi 6E



Major Wireless Network Performance Improvements with Wi-Fi 6E

Wi-Fi 6E has made wireless computing more accessible than ever. Although users used to accept slower speeds and lower performance in wireless computing over the steady operation of an Ethernet-connected desktop, these expectations are no longer valid. Users expect uninterrupted performance regardless of how they connect to the network. Wi-Fi 6E was designed to fulfill these high expectations.

Increase your wireless network performance with more bandwidth

Many enterprises still use older Wi-Fi 5 technology. It is encouraging to see that Wi-Fi 6E is more suited to today’s congested wireless networks. Wi-Fi 6E’s 6GHz band is four times larger than the traditional 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. This allows it to handle high-volume tasks such as streaming and teleconferencing. The 6GHz express lane can support seven super-wide 160 MHz channels. This is 12 more than the 5GHz speed limit, so Wi-Fi 6E allows for augmented reality gaming. Wi-Fi 6e provides a multi-gigabit, low latency connection that is ideal for modern times. For those rare instances when your Wi-Fi 6E device needs a longer reach, it can connect to the 2.4GHz band. This gives you greater resilience for your wireless environment.

Juniper Networks Support For Wi-Fi 6E

Although Wi-Fi 6E may not be supported by all client devices, it is certain that this standard will soon become the norm. It’s crucial to ensure that your enterprise is future-proof, given the pace at which innovations are released and adapted. This includes your wireless infrastructure. Juniper Networks embraces this new standard, which will undoubtedly raise the bar in wireless speed and performance. Juniper AP45, and Juniper AP34 were just introduced to the market by the network company. Both routers support secure client to cloud automation. They connect to Juniper Mist network to automatically download and update firmware. This greatly speeds up the deployment process, creating a great experience for the operator.

Future-Proof Wireless Network Performance with Wi-Fi 6E

You can upgrade your wireless infrastructure to Wi-Fi 6E, which is three years old. The new standard will power not only the overabundance end-user computing devices that continue being introduced to your network but also the multitude of IoT devices that are being used to support your key business services. This is a new world that needs a new wireless standard. For more information on how Wi-Fi 6E could revolutionize your business, contact WEI

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