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Use Zoom or Teams to create the best virtual backgrounds



Do not settle for boring scenes of your home during Zoom or Teams meetings. Instead, explore a variety virtual backgrounds.

Are you ready to make it unique with a virtual background? Below are some images that you can use for your Zoom or Microsoft Teams background. You can choose to be serious or have fun with it. You can switch between images depending on what type of meeting you are having. If you are chatting with colleagues, choose something more serious or calmer for meetings with bosses and VPs.

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It’s a lot more enjoyable to work from home when you can do so on The Simpson’s couch, retired Admiral JeanLuc Picard’s bridge on the USS Enterprise, or by dialing in from The Batcave. If you are a sports enthusiast, some iconic scenes from the NCAA March Madness may appeal to you.

Zoom has received many updates in recent months. Virtual backgrounds can be used easily on Zoom. Virtual backgrounds are not limited in size, but it is important to crop the image to fit the aspect ratio of the camera. Microsoft Teams is the same.

TechRepublic offers a guide to help you turn on Zoom virtual backgrounds. TechRepublic can help you create a custom Zoom background for your business class background. Any image can be used. It is crucial to choose the right image for your virtual background. Brandon Vigliarolo says that too dark or too bright can make it difficult to see.

Click on any image to download it.

Get free virtual backgrounds from CBS, DC Comics and Nintendo

Many people in the entertainment industry are sharing images free of charge for their Zoom virtual backgrounds. This makes it more fun.

CBS has shared background stories for shows like NCIS, The Price is Right and Survivor. CBS All Access also shared more Star Trek: Picard because no one can have enough.

C shared images from Parks and Rec. If you ever wanted to be at Ron Swanson’s desk, or channel your inner Leslie Knope this is your chance.

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DC Comics has shared backgrounds from Gotham City and the Daily Planet for free. Monterey Bay Aquarium offers free backgrounds for animals if you are more animal-oriented. If you’re looking to make it more fun, The Good Place also has images. Final Fantasy VII shared backgrounds for everyone. Bethesda also shared stunning images. Blizzard is also sharing stunning images. Even if you don’t have World of Warcraft at your workplace, you can pretend you are part of the Horde and the Alliance while you’re working in a videoconference with the new 4K backgrounds.

HBO shares background information for Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley, Westworld.

Disney shared Pixar backgrounds with favorites like Toy Story and Up, Finding Nemo and Inside Out.

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Virtual backgrounds are offered by NASA, SpongeBob, and Schitt’s.

Backgrounds are available for RuPaul’s Drag Race, Schitt’s Creek and The SpongeBob Movie Sponge on the Run. Broadway’s Moulin Rouge, Broadway’s Frozen, and other marquee names like Hamilton and Beetlejuice have also joined the fun.

NASA does not want to be overlooked. Artemis-inspired virtual backgrounds are available to enhance your digital meetings.

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Images of bookcases and libraries

Obelisk offers a variety of bookcase images. The perfect collection of books has been and continues to be a popular background option over the last year.

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