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Chrome Remote Desktop vs TeamViewer



There are many browsers and software options that allow you to remotely access files and devices. TeamViewer is the most popular, while Chrome Remote Desktop is also available. Let’s take a look at both remote desktop options. We will see if you need the additional features of TeamViewer or if Chrome Remote Desktop is more suitable.

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What is TeamViewer?

TeamViewer offers a full-featured remote access tool. It offers remote access, as well as collaborative features like scheduling, audio, video, and whiteboard.

TeamViewer offers the best compatibility options of remote access solutions. It is widely considered one of the most efficient remote access solutions, with users praising its speed, resource management, and user interface scaling.

What is Chrome Remote Desktop?

Chrome Remote Desktop is a Google tool that allows users to access their computers from any location, regardless of what operating system they are using. Chrome Remote Desktop works with an existing Google account.

Chrome Remote Desktop has a lot to offer, especially considering that it is free. It’s got the Google brand behind it and all the core features that a remote access tool requires.

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  • Remote access

TeamViewer allows you to install the TeamViewer software, and grant easy access. You can connect from any device with one click. The software can be run without installing. This is for one-time use.

Chrome Remote Desktop can make it a little more difficult to connect depending on how frequently you need to access the computer remotely. You will need to have a Google account set up for the products. Next, you’ll need to install the Chrome Remote Desktop App. You can then access your computer remotely using a Chrome browser. You will be prompted to enter a unique PIN number in order to gain access.

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  • Support for iOS and Android

Chrome Remote Desktop and TeamViewer both have iOS and Android support. TeamViewer allows remote control and access to mobile devices via a computer. Chrome Remote Desktop is limited to accessing via a mobile device. You cannot remotely control the Android or iOS devices.

  • Security

Chrome Remote Desktop and TeamViewer have security options that will protect your connection. TeamViewer encrypts connections with RSA public/private keys exchange and AES 256 bit session encryption. You can also enable two-factor authentication on each connection.

Chrome Remote Desktop only supports HTTPS encryption. The PIN numbers that are automatically generated and used to secure each session of Chrome Remote Desktop do not allow for 2FA. TeamViewer is therefore the safer option.

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Choose between TeamViewer and Chrome Remote Desktop

  • Chrome Remote Desktop is an easy-to-use, basic version of remote access software. This software is best for families or individuals who only require quick access to remote computers, but do not need security features or advanced functions.
  • TeamViewer, on the other hand, is designed for business users or individuals who need remote desktop support. TeamViewer also offers file sharing and printing.
  • Chrome Remote Desktop is the best option for basic remote access. TeamViewer is for those who require more advanced functions, such as remote printing, filesharing, and device access.
  • Chrome Remote Desktop and TeamViewer have become popular remote access solutions. However, TeamViewer may be a better choice for users who need full remote capabilities such as file sharing or printing.

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