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Carbon Black vs. crowdStrike: EDR Software Comparison



Endpoint detection and response tools are essential for organizations as they grow. These tools can be used to detect and respond to suspicious activity and protect endpoint devices. Carbon Black and CrowdStrike, two of the top EDR products, have features that can improve security for organizations.

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What is Carbon Black?

VMware Carbon Black is a security platform which uses machine learning and analytics to detect, investigate, and respond to threats. The EDR tool uses streaming analytics for endpoint data to detect and predict threats, then responds to them. The platform also provides visibility into endpoint device activity and allows security personnel to quickly identify suspicious behavior. Carbon Black offers many features to assist in incident response, such as rolling back malicious actor-made changes.

What is CrowdStrike?

Falcon CrowdStrike provides endpoint security platforms that provide real-time protection and detection, as well as response. It uses behavioral analysis and artificial intelligence (AI), to detect new threats and stop them before they happen. CrowdStrike offers a cloud-based management console, which makes it easy to deploy and manage the system.

Comparison of Carbon Black and CrowdStrike: Head-to-head

Recognizing and addressing threats

Both CrowdStrike and Carbon Black offer powerful threat hunting, as well as remediation capabilities. CrowdStrike, however, is more robust and based on MITRE Engenuity testing. Because it aligned with the MITRE Framework, CrowdStrike was named a Leader in Gartner’s 2021 Magic Quadrant Endpoint Protection Platforms. This is the second consecutive year. It also held the top spot for Completeness of Vision.

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Carbon Black, however, missed some threats when it was tested against the MITRE Framework in the past four years.

Single-agent design

Teams can quickly deploy and start handling threats by using a single agent that centrally manages multiple endpoint devices.

CrowdStrike uses a single universal agent design. The Falcon platform employs a single lightweight agent that is deployed on endpoint devices. It collects data from these devices and then sends it to cloud for analysis.

Carbon Black, on the other hand is a complicated security tool that requires a steep learning curve. It needs to be configured and tuned. Its threat detection queries can be very complex, and it requires manual processes to manage alerts, remediation, and other issues.

Behavioral learning

EDR software can be either signature-based, or signatureless. Signature-based EDR software relies on a list of known threats. Signatureless EDR software uses machine learning and behavioral analysis to detect suspicious activity.

CrowdStrike provides advanced signatureless protection via machine learning, behavioral analysis, and integrated threat information. Carbon Black, on the other hand, includes a signature-based antivirus engine. CrowdStrike is able to better protect devices against unknown and new threats.


CrowdStrike is a platform that can handle all types of workloads. You can use it to provide comprehensive protection across all platforms, including Windows, Linux, and macOS servers and ends. It does not require maintenance, management, scans or complex integrations.

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Carbon Black, however, is available as an on-premises solution or as a cloud service. As part of the sensor upgrade process, there may be some device restarts (including critical servers). There is also a difference in features between cloud and on-premise versions.

Firewall and device control

Carbon Black’s EDR software permits device control (no firewall management), however it is limited to Windows OS and USB flash drive. You can also create endpoint security policies. This is useful for businesses that have specific performance or regulatory standards.

CrowdStrike’s Falcon Firewall Management allows customers to switch from legacy endpoint platforms to its next-generation EDR software. This includes strong protection, improved performance, efficient management and enforcement host firewall policies. Falcon Firewall Management allows security teams to effectively limit risk exposure by allowing them to manage host/OS firewalls easily from their Falcon console.

The Falcon Device Control provides complete end-to–end protection, detection and response (EDR), capabilities that allow users to use USB devices safely. The Falcon platform and Falcon agent seamlessly integrate it with their platform. It also includes device control features that are complemented by complete endpoint security. This gives security and IT operations teams an insight into the device usage and allows them to manage and regulate that usage.

Integration via API

  • API Integration allows you to get the most from your EDR software.
  • Carbon Black’s EDR solution has more than 120 integrations.

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CrowdStrike Falcon Platform, which CrowdStrike developed as an API First Platform, is similar. To automate and control new operations, API functionality is updated as new features become available.

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