What is a 120Hz Monitor?

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While 60Hz monitors are great for entertainment and results, you might be better off buying 120Hz monitors. That would be amazing! Imagine all the gaming joy that you could experience by simply getting a 120Hz monitor.

It will surely enhance your visual experience. Every time you turn on your game, your eyes will wander to another world: the world of great graphics.

There are expensive 120 Hz monitors. However, this article will tell you about the 120Hz monitors that are affordable so you can still enjoy great visuals on a budget.

Before you move on to the main names, learn a bit about 120Hz monitors.

A 120Hz monitor will have a 120Hz refresh rate display, which can produce smooth visual results. It would display any image that you choose on such a monitor with stunning results.

What does “refresh rate” actually mean? Well! It is simply the time that a monitor refreshes in one second. A refresh rate is a process that creates a new frame every second. This gives you great picture quality at night.

The best reason to purchase 120Hz monitors at a cheap price is because they are fast and produce great results every second. This means that every scene or visual on the monitor can be refreshed 120 times per second. If you do the math, it will mean that the visual is refreshed approximately 7200 times in one minute. Can you imagine how powerful this visual would be?

Now that you understand the true intent of 120Hz monitors, let’s look at 120Hz monitors, which are both budget-friendly and offer great quality.

Alienware AW3420DW 34 Inches Monitor

  • Overview of AW3420DW
  • The screen is 34 inches in size and has a curved design
  • WQHD = 3400×1440
  • Awesome Edgelight IPS LED
  • s-RGB color spectrum and Cinematic standard

Lunar Light

Well! This is another boss. Another monitor that delivers exceptional performance at a very affordable 120Hz price is the Alienware 34 inch. Monitors in this price range lack many great features. Some monitors lack sound and quality, while others have poor quality.

The same goes for cheap monitors. Nobody likes pixels being blown. This monitor was a huge success thanks to its creators.

The 21:9-inch display maximizes the view. It’s also great if you have a difficult viewing experience. This monitor is able to display such results because of its unique design. To ensure the best experience, the monitor features a curved “1900 R” screen.

This large, curved display will enhance your gaming experience and help you multitask.

Alienware AW3420DW needs more ports. We can expect more ports from Dell, despite the high price.

The 3400×1440 WQHD resolution makes this monitor sharp. This monitor will allow you to see every detail.

This 120Hz monitor is able to easily sync with the GPU when it comes down to sync. This monitor’s G-Sync technology works flawlessly. This technology, on the other hand, helps to display all frames when the monitor is available.

This ensures that the whole graphic is not distorted. The monitor can also be connected to NVIDIA for the best gaming experience.

Bonus:Dell offers a variety of modes for its monitors. Alienware allows you to choose any mode that suits your needs, such as Gaming or Movies. This feature can adjust the color of your images.


  • Perfect Color Performance.
  • Gaming performance can be improved


  • A little expensive
  • HDR Support is not available

XG438Q Asus ROG 43 Inches

  • Overview of Asus G:
  • 43 inches display
  • Fast gaming display technology
  • Brighter
  • Low latency

Are you ever apathetic to playing video games? You don’t have that charm anymore. Do you wonder why you feel this way? It is because of your monitor display.

Not all 120Hz monitors are capable of producing great quality. As a result, you feel tired and need a break no matter how much you want to play the game.

It seems that the new Asus ROG technology is an amazing piece of technology. It has allowed gamers to enjoy their favorite games without focusing on their eyes.

What about the monitor? The question is “What not?” Asus plays a significant role in entertainment. Asus launched the ROG this year with a complete remote control feature. Its black outer display looks great in any room. The monitor is also a costly gear that you can combine with other necessary items.

This monitor, for example, is non-glaring and has a smooth interface for gaming. The monitor comes equipped with 600 certifications and outstanding color performance.

You can attach the Asus ROG to any input, without affecting the outputs. This monitor can be attached to speakers.


  • A large screen makes your desk elegant
  • Free Sync2 HDR


  • There are no cons

CJ89 Samsung 43 Inches

  • Overview for Samsung CJ89:
  • High performance
  • Curved monitor
  • 43 inches smooth display
  • Multitasking
  • A single keyboard and mouse can be attached

Samsung is the King of Electronic Brands, and it brings gaming home. It would surely make you happy, don’t you think? This Samsung CJ89 monitor is the best 120Hz monitor you can find for a great gaming experience.

The screen is one of the greatest features of this huge gaming displayer. It’s not large; it’s actually very wide, so you wouldn’t feel like you were leaving behind your gaming projects.

Although the screen measures 43 inches, it is not a regular screen. It has an aspect ratio that is close to 32:10, which is equivalent to nearly 24 monitors. This means that the display can clearly show every detail.

The Picture-by–Picture option allows you to collaborate multiple inputs. If you have two computers, you can connect them both with the monitor to view them on one screen. Now you can play many multiplayer games with your friends from one platform. Yes! No more distance gaming.

The monitor’s refresh rate is very smooth and can display highly-colored images with a perfect performance. The USB port can be used to display content on the large screen and charge the USB device simultaneously.


  • Ideal for high performance work.
  • Perfect 4k combo with 12hz


  • There is no DVI connection.
  • HDR Support is not available

MSI Optix – The 34 Inches

  • The MSI Optix in Overview
  • Sycn technology is free
  • Smart RGB
  • Type C USB port
  • Gamsense Steelseries
  • Frameless design
  • Anti-flicker
  • Intern adaptor

The Optix by MSI is the perfect choice if you’re tired of the same old monitors. The Optix by MSI will brighten your space and enhance your gaming experience. It will also make your home look more modern and attractive. Let’s not forget about the exterior features. Let’s get to the inner magic.

This monitor is designed for gaming and has adjustable lighting height. It’s one of the most affordable 120Hz monitors available. The dynamic aspect ratio and high contrast ratio of the monitor produce realistic images.

This monitor will be the end of all display issues, lagging and display issues. It has a fast response time, anti-ghosting gameplay, and a great response speed. MSI Optix is a smooth monitor that eliminates screen stuttering or tearing.

The monitor’s exterior has RGB lights that sync with your computer and light up according to the intensity of the game. You can adjust the settings at any time, but don’t panic. This monitor has an internal webcam, which holds facial recognition.


  • Slim and curved Screen
  • Built-in Speaker


  • No Folding stand that is good