7 Best Gimbals For Sony A7iii 2022

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Whatever the purpose, this model captures everything. The model features a 24MP CMOS sensor lens that can capture 93% of autofocus.

Smooth sequential shooting is possible thanks to the 10 fps. The touchscreen option and the USB port 3.1 Type C provide outstanding performance when the camera is on.

If you’re wondering why we mentioned the features at the beginning, this article is about choosing the best gimbal. First, you need to understand the basics of gimbals. This is not a magic trick, but simple logic that allows you to easily attach a gimbal to your product. Okay, enough of that. Let’s get on to the best gimbals sony a7iii.

1. Zhiyun Crane V2

The Zhiyun Crane Version 2 is our first choice. We all know we love this gimbal, but did you know why? This is due to the ease of integration that this gimbal offers. Crane 2 can attach to most cameras.

The best part is that it retains its charm. It can capture videos and click images with ease. Crane 2 is the best gimbal because of several reasons.

Crane V2 is capable of supporting a maximum weight of 1.28 kg or 2.2 pounds. This gimbal works well with all mirrorless cameras like the Sony A7iii. The best part is that this gimbal can support loads up to 1.8 kg if you have the most recent firmware.

It comes equipped with a brushless motor that can turn the gimbal 360 degrees. This gimbal makes your a7iii a powerful tool in the field for capturing images and videos. The 360-degree rotation feature works great and is easy to use via the toggle button.

This gimbal makes it extremely easy to adjust your camera. Crane V2 allows you to take moving shots. This feature can add life and style to your videos, photos, or films. Every 0.02 degree of change is detected by the Crane V2. This gimbal is for the a7iii. It has high-quality sensitivity that will ensure your needs are met.

You can also control your shots from your smartphone using the smart app. This gimbal will be your best friend once you have mastered it.

2. Crane 3 LAB from Zhiyun

Another one is from Zhiyun. This gimbal is a great choice for you because it offers so much potential. The unique structure allows you to use it easily and doesn’t tire your hand even when your project is long. Crane 3 Lab is an art piece because it saves you time and allows for a lot of flexibility.

Gimbal users who have used the product repeatedly say that it has been a blessing. This gimbal is perfect for your Sony A7iii. It allows you to capture images in the most crazy ways.

The Crane 3 LAB’s design is unique and something that was not available on the market before. Can you see wireless transmission of images and videos? This feature was not available on the market before. Crane 3 LAB was the one to introduce it.

This new feature allows you to control zoom, focus and touch via wireless FHD image transmission. You can stream video up to 1080P using this wireless feature. If you’re a serious filmmaker and want to make a difference in the industry, this is the one for you.

Compatible with almost all cameras, including the Sony a7iii, the gimbal works well. The gimbal has larger axis arms than other gimbals which can hold more weight. You are curious as to what maximum weight this gimbal can hold? The answer is 10. Isn’t this mind-blowing?

You might think the features are overkill. This gimbal has an ‘Aviation Grade Motor’ which reduces noise up to 50% and has a 100% increase in motor torque. It has a 150% faster response speed to enable you to focus and zoom in perfect harmony. This is what it means. Reduce the time you spend editing your content.

All these features can also be controlled via the smartphone app. You can control all functions using the smartphone application. We are confident that there won’t be another gimbal like it in the industry. This gimbal is a great choice for professional photographers and filmmakers who want to increase their demand.


Next up is the WEEBILL Lab by Zhiyun, who is a well-known figure in China. This gimbal is considered one of the most delicate by manufacturers but the one that can handle all your work. It is not only beautiful, but also the overall structure is strong enough to be considered the best gimbal. It is easy to grip.

The a7iii can be held in your hands without losing strength. You can also use the tripod mounting feature to ensure that you don’t lose grip. You can experience effortless and unique filming with the WEEBILL, which is definitely the best thing that you can find in a small package.

Mirrorless cameras can cause many gimbals to lose their balance. This causes problems when raw footage is collected and during editing. To ensure that the balance is maintained, a latch is added to each axis.

To ensure correct balance while on the gig, you can lock the axis. This saves you time and allows you to keep the same axis position during the next round. It is possible to keep the axis position exactly as you have it.

This gimbal has wireless image transmission, which allows you to monitor all of your devices in real time. What’s even more amazing is the ability to control parameters and framing with your a7ii. The question now is: How real-time works? Or what devices can you integrate to see live outcomes?

We were honest and said that the best thing about this product was the ability to view what is happening in real time. Apart from your smartphone, you can connect the device to a tablet and other devices so that you have complete control over the shot management. The real-time parameter allows you to capture and record photos from all angles.

If you’re concerned about how much payload this gimbal can carry, we recommend that you take a chill pill. The gimbal weighs the same as any smartphone stabilizer, but can still hold a camera up 3 kgs (6.6 pounds). It can be used with your Sony A7iiii without any problems.

The focus is however the best feature of this gimbal. Yes! Yes! You can jump, run and walk while filming, without worrying about focus. The gimbal features a smooth focus control and a tactile wheel on the body. This ensures that your object is always in the spotlight.

4. Crane 2 Zhiyun

Crane V2 and Crane 2 are not compatible. They have different features. Although Crane 2 by Zhiyun is an older product, it’s still a shining star that made this company a strong competitor on the market.

If you’re looking for the best equipment at a low price, Crane 2 is the right choice. This model has been loved by many photographers and filmmakers, despite its age. Guess what? You can still get the gear, which has helped many artists to complete their projects with 100% success.

Crane 2’s amazing feature is its ability to focus in three different ways. The first type is real-time focus (followfocus), which allows you to capture any moving object. The second is tactile focus. The third is an adjustment for focus with three levels.

You can play around with focus adjustments to achieve stunning results. This adjustment option can be understood if you consider that you are filming an interview with 3 people. This gimbal allows you to focus on one person, all three, or any two personalities without having to adjust the camera settings.

You won’t need to take separate shots whenever you shift your focus. The gimbal can do it all. Crane 2 is a battery-saving device that also saves time.

Crane 2 can be used with all brands of cameras, and will also work with your Sony a7iii. The beauty of the a7iiii is its lightweight. It’s like receiving a large surprise in a small package.

Crane 2 fully understands most mirrorless cameras’ anatomy, so it can carry a maximum 7 lb or 3.2 kg without causing any disruption to the filming. This allows you attach external lenses or other heavy accessories to the camera without affecting the results in any way.

The gimbal also features an “Intune Algorithm” feature, which increases the motor torque up to 50%. The gimbal can reduce noise by up to 20% It also has a full-range POINT of VIEW mode that rotates 360 degrees, just like other gimbals. According to Zhiyun’s official website, the Crane 2 models have Vortex Mode. This mode allows you to capture barrel shots with more forceful movements.

It also comes with a high speed MCU that offers a 100 percent increase in response time. Crane 2 is now available for purchase if Crane 1 was not available. The new pieces are amazing upgrades.