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What’s the Future of Artificial Intelligence (AI)?



What’s the Future of Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

The future of artificial intelligence (AI) will be discussed in the next article. The pace of technological advancement is much faster today than ever before. Today, technology is moving at a rapid pace. We can see this in everything from Alexa, SIRI, autonomous vehicles, alpha zero and Sophia. While science fiction films portray AI as a human-like robot, in reality it is far more than that. Programs like Alpha zero, who recently beat all humans at Chess, and other games, are examples of AI.

AI is a new field. It is currently known as weak AI (Due its limitations). However, the future of artificial Intelligence is all about building strong AI. AI is capable of beating humans in certain tasks, but AI will eventually be able to beat humans in all cognitive tasks. It will have both positive and negative consequences.

Future Major Fields of Artificial Intelligence

AI has been diversified to nearly all fields. We would discuss the future and implications of AI by following the main fields.

Health Care Industries

India accounts for 17.7% of the global population, making it the second-largest nation in terms of China’s total population. All citizens of India are denied access to health care services. This is due to a lack of quality doctors and poor infrastructure. There are still people who can’t get to hospitals or doctors. AI can detect diseases based on symptoms. Even if you don’t visit the doctor, AI will read your Fitness band/medical history and analyze the pattern to recommend the right medication. It even delivers it to your fingertips through your cell-phone.

Google’s deep brain has already outperformed doctors in the detection of fatal diseases such as breast cancer. AI will soon be able to detect common diseases and provide appropriate medication suggestions. This could lead to a reduction in JOBs and no longer needing doctors.

AI in Education

Education is a key factor in the development of a country. There are many courses available in AI right now. In the future, AI will transform education. The world no longer requires skilled laborers in the manufacturing industry. These are mostly being replaced by robots, automation and other technologies. Education can be very effective, and it can be tailored to each individual’s abilities and personality. It would allow brighter students to shine, and it would help them to learn a better way of coping with their problems.

The right education can increase the power of individuals/nations, but misuse could have devastating consequences.

AI in Finance

The country’s economic and financial health directly affects the amount of growth. AI is a powerful tool that can improve the economic health of individuals and nations. The AI algorithm is used to manage equity funds.

An AI system could consider many parameters and determine the best way to manage money. It will perform better than a human manager. AI-driven strategies for finance will change the way we trade and invest. This could have a devastating impact on fund management firms that cannot afford them and could cause major business disruptions. The decision would be swift and abrupt. It would be a tough competition and it would be on the edge constantly.

Cybersecurity and Military AI

AI-assisted Military technologies have created autonomous weapon systems. They won’t require humans to operate and will make it easier to increase security in a country. Robot Military could be possible in the near future. They will be as intelligent as soldiers/commandos and capable of performing certain tasks.

AI-assisted strategies will increase mission effectiveness and provide the most secure way to carry out it. AI-assisted systems are difficult to explain because it doesn’t know how to perform algorithm. Deep neural networks are faster at learning and keep learning. The main problem would be AI that is not explainable. If it is not careful or makes bad decisions, it could have devastating consequences.

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