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Materials and Techniques to Take Dental Impressions



Materials and Techniques to Take Dental Impressions

Dental professionals have many options for impression materials. They can select the best product to suit each treatment. Modern technology in dentistry has resulted in improved impression materials that provide better results and less discomfort for patients. The field of impression materials is one of dentistry’s most important areas of innovation. This article will examine the requirements and recommendations for their use.

Alginates for dental impressions

Many common procedures require the use of impression materials made from alginate. They require collaboration between the lab and the dental office. Because they are easy to mix and can be tolerated well by patients, these materials are often used in preliminary and primary impressions and the production and modification of study models.

You must follow these steps to ensure the correct use of these compound. Take a look at our tips on how to make a dental impression for high-performance results.

The correct dosing of powder and water is an important aspect to keep in mind. The water-to powder ratio affects the material’s properties and can influence manufacturer specifications such as time and compound stability. Mixing by hand is best for dentists. Measure the powder first, then add the water. For a more uniform mix, powder should be shaken before being used. Automatic mixing is preferred by many dentists over manual. This breakthrough in dental technology allows for a reduction in bubbles in the mixture, which in turn reduces the possibility of creating microscopic defects in both the impression and the stone model.

Once the mixture is prepared, the dentist can choose from different types of tray depending on their case and personal preferences. There are two ways to increase the retention between the impression tray (alginate) and the tray: to use a perforated tray, or to apply an adhesive compatible for the chemical and physical properties.

If the stone model cannot immediately be cast, alginate impressions may be preserved by removing excess water and placing them in a sealed bag. Then, store them at room temperature in a container in your dental office. It is important to not soak impressions in disinfectant for too long. This can cause alginate material damage. Hydrocolloids by nature are hydrophilic and expand when in contact with water or disinfectant.

Silicones for addition and condensation

Silicones are the most reliable impression material available today. Zhermack’s Hydrorise System series of additive silicones is extremely reliable and accurate, while Zhermack’s Zetaplus System range guarantees excellent final hardness as well as a lower risk of tearing upon removal from the mouth.

Measurement spoons should not be mixed when mixing silicones. Never mix up the base spoon and catalyst. It is possible for the final compound to not cure properly if the catalyst and base spoon are mixed. Also, gloves made of latex should not be worn when handling silicones. Latex interferes negatively with the platinum catalyst and hinders polymerisation. You should instead wear vinyl or nitrile gloves.

The dosing stage is also crucial for condensation silicones. A wrong amount of catalyst could result in a material with poor chemical and physical properties. For example, using more catalyst that is indicated in the instructions will result in a decrease in dimensional stability and a shorter time in the mouth. Contrary to addition silicones, you can use condensation types with latex and vinyl gloves without altering their properties.

You should not use different materials to make the impression tray or the preparation. A mixture of silicones for the impression tray and the preparation may cause the surfaces to not stick together because they have different chemical structures.

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